Daily Activities, Themes, & Bible Stories

Daily Activities

Our daily activities will leave kids in awe of how much they’ve learned and how much fun they had doing it! Daily activities include:

Opening & Closing set the theme of the day. We’ll check in, connect, pray, and sing praise to God. The theme of the day and the Bible story will be introduced / wrapped up, and we’ll watch videos that follow the adventures of our new friends.

Storytelling shares God’s Word through exciting stories that relate to each day’s theme. We’ll share God’s Word using sights, sounds, words, and movement.

Bible Challenge helps each VBS group explore, learn, and remember the Bible Memory Verse for each lesson. Song keeps God’s powerful and gracious Word in everyone’s, hearts, minds, and lives — even after VBS is over.

Music will have everyone singing and dancing to the key points and Bible stories they are hearing each day. We’ll learn approximately five songs along with hand gestures and movements, having a rockin’ good time learning more about God’s promises and Jesus, too!

Every family receives a free Music CD/DVD, featuring all of the songs and hand gestures we are learning.

Crafts – always a favorite site – is where kids get a chance to be creative while working on fun crafts that help them understand and remember daily Bible stories and take home points. Craft-making engages hands and hearts so that God’s Word sticks. Kids can share their crafts with others as well as the message of God’s Word that they learned at VBS.

Games is a place to use the strength and skill of the bodies God has created and blessed. God created His kids for an active life, and these games with a purpose will reinforce the experience of VBS!

Snacks provide tasty and nourishing food to help kids remember all that they are learning. Snacks are provided each day and usually include water and some type of munch (crackers, cookies, etc.). * If your child suffers from food allergies, please include that information on your registration form.

Daily Themes & Bible Stories

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